‘Let me help you, help yourselves’


  • Has your child got a disturbed sleep pattern?
  • Are nap times irregular, sporadic and sometimes non-existent?
  • Is there no routine to speak of?
  • Are most days stressful, because no one slept the night before?
  • Does your child need you to lie down with them to get off to sleep?
  • Are you or your partner, getting pushed out of bed, because your little angel cant sleep anywhere else but there?
  • Are you or your partner struggling to cope, because of your baby/child’s broken sleep?
  • Is your child a very early riser

The list is endless…

If you have answered ‘yes‘ to any of the above, then you have come to the right place and breath a sigh of relief, because I can help you.

Sweet Little Dream Seekers was founded by me, to help parents like you with your baby and children’s sleep problems, between the ages of 4months – 6years.

I am a qualified and certified Gentle Sleep Coach.  I have the tools and expertise to turn your living nightmare into the perfect dream. I provide a professional, effective service, that focuses on your child’s individual needs, between us we will implement a gentle,effective ‘bespoke’ plan that you, as parents can adhere too and get great results from.



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